Being a Journalist


As I promised in the last post, I will share my journey so that I’m already a journalist in my college. It’s not that I’m really working, but I’m learning here. This press is SUARA USU. You can open the site and find news mostly about my college here:

My first step was applying my curriculum vitae and then being interviewed. I was succeed and I became an apprentice. There were about forty apprentices at first. For three months, we’ve been taught about journalistic.
Day by day, week by week, and ’til the last month, there were only six apprentices left. Why? Maybe they found it boring and they thought it was so hard to be a journalist. Honestly, it’s true. And probably they were just not ready yet. And those six apprentices who left, we were struggling and holding on together. Unfortunately, there were only three apprentices who could make it til the end, included me.

We were inducted about last month. And from that moment, I am already a reporter for this press. Now it’s been one month that I have this job.

Let me tell you that I’ve been waiting for this chance since I was in high school. But guess what, I swear it’s not as easy as I thought.

As a reporter, I have to find resources, people I’ve never met before, to ask them about anything. After that I have to write news. Sometimes I get a little depressed when I couldn’t meet the resource because I couldn’t write the news. And sometimes it was so easy to find them but they just weren’t nice and made me scared. I felt down right in that moment.

What’s harder? When I was interviewing someone and I thought the information was already complete, I ended that conversation and went back to wrote the news. As soon as I made it, I sent it to the editor. Then I thought I’d see my news in the site soon. But then the editor sent it back and asked me to rewrite it all over again. She said that my news wasn’t complete. Uh!

Well, a bit about the editor, she’s actually so kind. She’d patiently correct my news and gave me chance to learn and learn and learn again without forcing me. I knew it was my fault that until now I still can’t do it well. Sometimes it was me who felt tired so I didn’t do it again. Yes, I’m telling you that this is exhausiting to be a reporter!

Wait.. don’t immediately think that it’s fully bad. No way, guys. There are also fascinating things that I’ve got. Such as meeting big people-even though I haven’t met the president yet. I’ve met a professor, a doctor, and even a popular author in Indonesia, Raditya Dika! Just wait and see, I will tell you in another post!
Moreover, I’ve learned so many things from everyone I met.

I’ve learned to be braver. At first it’s so hard for me to start a conversation with someone I’ve never met before, especially with those who have high positions. But it’s getting easier now. In fact, not all that big people is arrogant, some of them are so kind and friendly!

This time, I’m still learning and trying to be better at this position. I wish someday I can be a great journalist just like my three favorite journalists: Desi Anwar, Najwa Shihab, and Marissa Anita! Sooner or later, I’m planning to write their profile here.

Well, I’m not going to give up. You guys have my words!


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