An Important Thing Called Target


I want you to know that I’ve passed one semester in my campus. And my achievement is…….DING DING DING……………………….. 3,5!

A perfect score is 4,0. Hence, my score is still bad, isn’t it? Of course.
Well, that was actually my target and I got it. But I don’t feel satisfied at all. My satisfaction is if I could get more than my target. And that’s what I want to talk about right here, right now.
A target.

All along I’ve known some types of people, at least according to me, here they are:
1.    People who have a very big dream.
2.    People who have a simple dream.
3.    People who don’t even know what they’re going to be.

Which one are you?

First, people who have a very big dream. This type of people is full of hope and often creative. Hence they’re a big dreamer. And they will do anything to make their dreams come to their life! They will study seriously.  They are strong but they might get down if someone else-and sometimes their own selves-underestimate them. But it won’t last for so long because they won’t give up easily, and maybe won’t ever give up. I’m sure that someday they will get whatever they want! Do you know Walt Disney? Oprah Winfrey? Mahatma Gandhi? They are just three examples of so much like them!

The second, people who have a simple dream. It’s so much easier to reach their dream. A simple dream that I mean is doing or working as people in majority.  Such as teaching, working in the office, etc.  Well, it’s not bad, at least they know what they’re going be and what to do to make it. And they may also make a change of a world! For example is a teacher. They probably just go tho school and do the same thing everyday-teach the students, but we all know they all are the real heroes!

The last type is people who have no dream. I hate to break it down to you, but those people are going to be useless in the future. And I have no idea what to say about them..

So, what I eventually want to say is that it’s very important to have a dream!
Once you have a dream, you’re gonna think about anything that can lead you closer to your dream. And that’s when you have to start to make your target.

I do have some tips of making a target, here you go:
1.    Don’t immediately make a high target. Start from considering how much you can do, and set your target a little bit above it. So you still gotta do more than what you usually do to reach it.
2.    Make a target of what you’re lack in doing but you need it if you want to reach your dream. For example, you want to work at Paris someday but your you can’t speak French yet, then try to make a target of your French language!
3.    If you have done your first target, increase it. Do it continuously until your target is already much higher and I’m gonna say you’re so much closer to your dream!

Now, you have a dream and you have a target. Be sure to yourself that you’re going to do it well. You’re going to prove it to everyone who has underestimated you. Hit them with your successful look, not with a big mouth like them.

Strive to make your dreams come true and keep praying!
Good luck!

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