About My Girl


I want you to meet my girl!


Which one? Of course she’s the taller one because I’m a short girl haha!

She is a real best friend for sure. Her name is Zuni Indriani and usually called Indy. I met her for the first time at the first day in the middle school. Yes, that was about six years ago. After a few times, we were getting closer as she was my chair mate. We started to talk about anything. Hence, we understood each other well.

Years have gone so fast.

We were going to the same high school. Unfortunately, we didn’t get in the same class. But that was no big deal for us, at least we could meet everyday.

For these six years, we’ve been through sooo many things together. She’s quite like my sister. Sometimes we had a fight, but ended it up romantically. Haha!

One day, I got mad at her and I made her cry. Suddenly, I felt so bad about it. And then, in the school time-but there was no teacher coming to class-I asked my friend in class to accompany me to go out of school. What for? We went to cake stores and I bought a cute chocolate for her. I put my apologize on a paper with her favorite color, blue. When we got back, I asked her classmate for a help. Then the chocolate was put into her bag. I went home as soon as the bell rang.

Indy took her bag and felt a strange thing in it.. In that moment she opened it and found my chocolate. I didn’t see her blushing there, but from her story, I believe she really was.

As she got home, she text me and said she was so thankful for that gift. I asked her out at night. And then we had a romantic dinner! Haha. No, don’t think that we’re lesbian-or something like that. No way!! We’re totally normal! That’s just how we do with this friendship.


That was just one of our story, there are still thousands and I’m gonna tell you next time!

Right now, it’s been about six months since the last time I saw her. Imagine how hard it was to let her go! But I knew I had to. Therefore, we are on LDF (Long Distance Friendship) because she studies in Java. She’s becoming a flight attendant! No wonder, she’s a pretty girl, tall, and skinny.

I believe she’s gonna be a great flight attendant. She’s the type of girl who never give up. She has been dreaming for this for so long. We used to talk about our dreams together almost everyday. Even now, we still keep this daydreaming that someday we’re gonna meet when we have reached both of our dreams.

I miss her so much right now. My life is quite different without her. That’s because all this time we always share whatever happened in our life, but these six months she’s really studying and we can’t communicate everyday. It’s not easy to be a flight attendant. She has to study and practice everyday, there’s so much she has to remember and learn. But I’m sure she’s going make it and come home soon after she finished her study. I just can’t wait to see her again!

Here’s a photo of her and I’m so proud of her.




4 thoughts on “About My Girl

  1. Hi Dewi, you still remember me? absolutely yo do! I am a person that nobody can’t forget me easily 😀 It has been long time not to see your pretty face 🙂 I just remembered the last time we met when you are in bad condition. So how is your leg now? i guess your leg is heal. Uhmm, How was going dewi? You are happy to do your “job” as a journalist. It’s great for me to see you for fighting to be a reporter soon. Good Luck!
    I looked you shared your wordpress on facebook and i just want to know what you have been shared before . So, I stalked your facebook profile and i found your youtube video then i clicked it. I watch it! Wow it’s so incridible were you in the video! I think you were trying to be Nazwa,right? It’s great! Miss Nazwa Sihab is one of the best journalist in Indonesia. But you had better to be your own personality.
    Oh, this is the first time i read your post. Aww, how the sweet story it is! you are so good in telling a person to the readers. The English gramatically is becoming perfect. Well done Dewi! Hopely you can meet each other soon!
    Well,I really hope to be an object that you can tell to your readers, so I just have a request for you, Can you make for me a story like it? thanks before hehe 🙂

    So this is my first comment. I hope you are happy to read my comment as I am happy to see your any efforts. 🙂 So don’t be an arrogant because of many praises come to you. Keep being an humble person! Keep fighting! I always support you .

    Bye! See ya! 🙂

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    • Hello, Harold! Glad you found my blog and enjoyed it.
      Yup, you’re right! How could I forget you? I want to make sure that I’m in a good condition when you read this, and thank you so much for being there when I was sick and needed a help. You’re truly a good friend.
      And thanks for watching my youtube video, but I think my face was so ugly there because I was tired of repeating for almost fifty times to get the best one.
      Again and again, thanks for your support! I swear I’ll always be who I am and never change. I’m gonna write a story of us last year in the tutoring, to be honest I miss that moment so much! So you just have to wait, okay?
      Nice to talk to you! 🙂


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