Easiest Way to Learn Foreign Language

Hi, welcome back to my blog!

Do you want to be good in foreign language?

What language?

Is it English?

Is it French?

Or even Esperanto?

And what language can you speak so far?

If you find it hard to learn about foreign language, you’re dead wrong! I’mma tell you how to make it easier, just keep reading okay?

The easiest way is to sing. Download some songs in language you want to be able to speak. Yes, just start to sing and keep singing!

Look. I’m Indonesian, I’d never taken any English course, and I’d never gone to another country. But as you see, I can write in English. How? I’ve been singing my favorite songs for years. Of course those songs are the western songs. I started with Taylor Swift’s song! Not to be rude, but I can really sing every songs from her very first album. At first, it was hard but I’m not the type who’s going to give up easily, and now my English is better. Here are some steps you can do:

  1. Download any songs that sound good to you. Yes, don’t waste your time to download a song that you don’t like. So choose your genre, favorite artist or band, and download his/her/their song.
  2. Search and note down the lyrics. Remember, don’t just copy and paste the lyrics from Google to your gadget! Write it on a piece of paper-it’s better to have a special book for your lyrics-with your handwriting. It may take more time to finish, but with reading and writing it back to a book, you’re gonna remember some words.
  3. Translate the lyrics. Now you have the song, and you can sing it with reading your note. But don’t you feel curious what the singer is singing about? Go grab your dictionary, and translate it! If you’re really a beginner, you can start by translating word by word, and then make it to a sentence. Do it until you finally understood the meaning of that song!
  4. Sing it confidently. I’m sure after translating that song, you will remember some words in your head. Try to sing without your book anymore.
  5. Keep singing. Sing until you can sing it without listening to the song and without looking back to your book. Sing for fun!

Wanna try? Remember, it takes time, don’t just give up if you find it hard! Try another song instead, okay?

If you do this tips everyday, I believe you’ll be able to speak at least the everyday conversation as soon as you want. And don’t forget to make a target like I’ve told you in another post before.

Good luck!


Until next post,



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