This ain’t a story about leaving

Not that you left and I stayed

Not that I left and, just say, you stayed

Ain’t about the misery, silence, or even a habeas corpus



Hear the beautiful skylark over there

It’s a beautiful melody, isn’t it?



There are pretty pigeons of peace

Two pigeons on the running wagon

And the wind caressing their wings

They’re standing still, not willing to fly


Now, don’t move

So you can see the clouds are moving

Put off your glassess

Trust me, you can still find a light without it

Find the stars in the warm afternoon


That’s all what we haven’t seen together

Or maybe we just didn’t realize we have


We will

Even everything


So, if I go somewhere far enough from home

Remember, you already know my biggest dream


If I go, I am not leaving

If I leave, I go to you


8 thoughts on “Pigeons

  1. Dear, my new blog friend Annisa
    Thank you very much for following my blog, it was a great honor to me followed by you. After I read some of your posts, I conclude that your are from Indonesia. I am so glad could meet those who come from my homeland. I am from Indonesia too and was born in Surabaya. But unfortunately I could not speak Indonesian language very well just because when I was six I moved to Singapore and some other country. I have worked in Indonesia for around 2 years ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, Thank you very much for decided to follow my blog. I will definitely glad to follow you back (Though maybe I will take times to read your post in bahasa) Thank you and God bless.



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